Faster, More Accurate Contract Review

Whether you're reviewing third-party paper or proofreading your own documents, Lexicon Prime can help.

Defined Terms

Avoid these Common Mistakes 

Every legal document relies on defined terms. A complex agreement may use hundreds; each one must be checked carefully before a draft is circulated to avoid these errors:


  • Missing Definition -- There's nothing more embarrassing than using a term that is never defined.

  • Duplicate Definitions --  Defining the same term more than once, especially if the definitions are not identical, can lead to problems.

  • Unused Definitions -- Defining a term that is never used might be harmless, or it might accidentally reveal information about other transactions or parties.

  • Inconsistent Capitalization -- Capitalizing a defined term in some places but not in others  can lead to ambiguity.

Cross References

Verify Your References

It's almost impossible to draft a legal document without cross references.

... as referred to in Section 3.1(a)...

... as defined in this Paragraph 2...

... as set forth in Article III...

As documents are revised, paragraphs, sections and articles are inserted, deleted, and moved. Is the document renumbered correctly with each change? As the numbers change, do your cross references remain accurate?


Go Beyond Simple Text Matching

Imagine the ability to run searches like these:

  • Search for "entities" and find every reference to "corporation", "partnership", "limited liability company" and other business forms.

  • Search for "dates" and find every date in a document, no matter the format.

  • Search for "money" and find every amount in every currency.

  • Search for "indemnify" in the same sentence as "Service Provider", or in the same paragraph, or within a certain number of words.

Also imagine that you could save these searches and run one or all whenever you want with a single click.