Tools for Contract Review

Defined Terms, Cross-Reference Checking, Concordancing, Advanced Search and more 

Defined Terms

Identify all defined terms in one document or many. Check for problems such as

  • Duplicate definitions

  • Unused definitions

  • Capitalization errors

  • Undefined terms

Outline and Cross Reference Validation

Check the outline of any numbered document. Find errors like

  • Formatting mistakes

  • Missing numbers

  • Duplicate numbers

  • Cross-reference mistakes


Advanced Search

Use Lexicon's built-in search widgets to search your document for

  • Dates  

  • Numbers

  • People or places

  • Phone numbers

Or create and save your own searches using powerful tools like regular expressions, soundex, proximity, morphology, and synonyms.

1. In the Cloud

2. Inside Your Firewall

3. As a Service

Helping you manage contract review your way.

Lexicon Prime is designed to work in the cloud, inside your firewall, or as a service providing unparalleled analytical power to your applications.


Cloud Computing


Understanding the needs of legal and contract professionals.

Mobility Analysis on the go.

Cloud Computing A managed, cost-effective, on-line solution.

In Your Private Cloud Running on your network, inside your firewall, for complete control.

Security Configurable, advanced security to protect your sensitive documents.